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For most parents, the effects of divorce on their children are likely their primary concern. Most parents wish to spare their children the emotional turmoil and instability that divorce can bring to children who often have little understanding of the process. While Texas courts generally favor joint custody arrangements as better for the welfare and development of children, parents can find themselves in heated disputes on how it should be made. These disputes can take a toll on everyone involved and should be avoided, if possible, or resolved through less adversarial methods, such as mediation or collaborative law.

At Erica Jackson Law, our experienced family law attorney understands the stress and difficulty of child custody determination. Therefore, our firm provides alternative methods for resolving these conflicts. Attorney Jackson is a Certified Mediator who also engages in collaborative law, which involves negotiation through cooperation, compromise, problem-solving, and a commitment to avoiding litigation. However, suppose these methods are not feasible. In that case, our child custody lawyer serving Conroe will thoroughly prepare your case and fight for your parental rights in court. 

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Child Custody Determination in Texas

It is essential to understand that Texas court policy on this issue is based on the child's best interests. However, Texas policy also includes continuing and frequent time spent with both parents if they have demonstrated that they can act in their child's best interests. Courts also believe that parents should share the rights and responsibilities of raising their children. This translates into joint custody arrangements, or, in Texas terms, "joint managing conservatorship." 

Conservatorship in Texas

Conservatorship of a child can be arranged in various ways in Conroe, Texas. These include:

  • Managing conservatorship. This is the label for “legal” custody or the right to make significant decisions about the child’s life and wellbeing, such as health care, education, religion, and more. 
  • Possessory conservatorship. This refers to where and with whom the child will live and parental access (often known as visitation) to the child. 

Parents can make arrangements regarding the physical custody of a child in a parenting plan that lays out a time-sharing schedule that fits their needs and circumstances. If the project aligns with the Texas court policy, it will likely be approved by the court. These schedules may be based on something other than a child's equal or near-equal parental time. Still, they can be impacted by the unique circumstances and needs of the parents and the child. 

Where parents cannot decide, Texas law provides a “standard possession order.” This order details time-sharing arrangements that generally take into consideration the proximity of the households and other factors and generally apply to children above the age of three. 

Only in cases where a child’s safety is at risk will a parent be denied access to a child or granted only supervised access. These child custody cases are generally based on a history of domestic violence, child neglect, substance abuse, or criminal activity. The other parent is granted sole managing and possessory conservatorship in these cases. 

Work with an Experienced Child Custody Attorney Serving Conroe, TX

Whether you are facing child custody as part of a pending divorce or in a post-divorce situation, such as a relocation matter or the need for a modification or enforcement of a current child custody order, Erica Jackson Law can help. Our law firm is prepared to help you resolve the matter through alternative dispute resolution methods or courtroom intervention where needed. Our child custody lawyers serving Conroe will vigorously fight for your parental rights in a resolution that complies with the child’s best interests policy. 

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